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Key Account Manager

Job location:

Neu Isenburg 63263 GERMANY






Master's degree




3 to 5 years of experience

Work start:






Job Title: Key Account Manager

Department: OE Sales, German Office, Aisin Europe

Location: Neu-Isenburg, near Frankfurt,Germany

Position summary:

The primary responsibility of this position is to work closely with Aisin Europe (hereafter AE for short)’s short- and long-term policies, achieve AE’s short- and long-term objectives and execute the sales/marketing/project management (but not limited to) assignments with close communication with AE’s OE Sales management.

 In this position the main customers to work closely with are German car manufacturers.

 The required personal characteristics/professional capabilities of this position are (but not limited to): fact-oriented, detail-oriented, deadline-oriented, self-motivated, team player, professional personality, dedication to customers and Aisin, multi-tasking capabilities, analytical minded, positive minded, and quick learner.

 Position responsibilities:

The aforementioned assignments can be specifically detailed as follows (but not limited to)

  1. Sales and marketing assignments
    • Sales and Sales Management
  • Function as a key person to compile / summarize / analyze necessary data and develop summary and status documents / materials utilizing matrices and graphs for all the areas of the OE sales activities by closely communicating with AE’s OE sales members;
  • This function is to timely respond to the customers’, AE’s top management’s, Aisin European Plants’, and Aisin Seiki’s needs / requests to AE OE Sales. This function will be conducted under the direction from and through the close communication with AE’s OE Sales Management;
  • The examples of the sales management function assignments will be as follows (but not limited to):
  • Periodic status / plan materials for the latest status for the short- and long-term sales requested by AE’s top management for the use in the regular executive committees and other corporate level meetings;
  • Ad hoc tasks including developing report materials requested by customers, AE’s top management, Aisin Seiki and Aisin European Plants;
  • Develop appropriate materials with necessary data for the negotiation with customers for APR (Annual Price Review) and other important customer negotiations by gathering the necessary data from the OE Sales and other related departments and companies;
  • AE’s monthly OE meetings’ related materials such as sales plan vs. forecast / results gap analysis.
  • Marketing and sales activities for Body, Engine, ITS and other Aisin Seiki Products

Conduct OE sales activities for the aforementioned products to German car manufacturers and Tier 1 automotive parts suppliers;

This function will be conducted under the direction from and through the close communications with AE OE Sales Management.

The OE sales activities are as follows (but not limited to):

  • Develop quotations and submit to customers on time by understanding the products, target price for the products, manufacturing processes, cost structures and profit potential;
  • Negotiate pricing with each customer’s Purchasing personnel based on the developed quotes;
  • Develop and follow up on the short- and long-term sales plans;
  • Report weekly and monthly activities to the AE Management;
  • Conduct monthly sales meeting with Aisin European Plants in order to closely communicate with Aisin European Plants and to identify and meet expectations of Aisin European Plants to AE Sales;
  • Carry out intelligence activities in regard to the market, customers, and competitors in order to gather “key” information of customers and competitors based upon the direction from the sales management—the activities include benchmarking and customer presentations;
  • Develop intelligence activities regarding the customer’s Purchasing, Engineering, Vehicle Assembly Plants activities and those of our competitors, in order to feed the “live” information to AE, Aisin European Plants, and Aisin Seiki to activate positive responses which will result in the form of (but not limited to) new products, product and process improvement, VE, VA, profit improvement, cost reduction and so on;
  • Support Aisin European Plants in their daily operations;
  • Promote cost reduction activities for Aisin European Plants in cooperation with Aisin European Plants, AE OE Engineering and AE Purchasing in order to meet the target price of the products and the target cost reduction target specified in the annual expectations given by the customers;
  • Responsibly plan yearly / monthly business activities within established budget constraints by defining the targets/tasks/expected results. Prioritize the daily work according to the Company policies by timely consulting with the management; and
  • Evaluate current business systems and suggest improvements.
  1. Project Management assignments

For the business awarded from the customers, work as the window person of AE, Aisin Seiki, Aisin European Plants, and other Aisin manufacturing facilities to the customers and conduct the following (but not limited to) to insure on-time progress of the awarded businesses and the series production businesses and 100% customer satisfaction with Aisin Europe:

  • Gather information/documents from the customers and share them with AE, Aisin European Plants, Aisin Seiki in the timely fashion and hold meetings to make master schedules in order to respond to customers’ requests on time;
  • Regularly monitor the progress of the projects. If there is a delay/issue, call meetings with relevant companies/parties/members in order to effectively countermeasure delays and issues to prepare for the worst case scenarios in the timely manner;
  • Control and file documents according to ISO/TS standards;
  • Periodically report to AE OE Management and the customers;
  • Proactively act to insure on-time progress of the new business and administer necessary countermeasures by closely communicating with AE OE Management;
  • For the projects in series production, regularly visit customers and daily check the customer portal sites and timely feed the information back to AE OE Management, Aisin European Plants, and Aisin Seiki; and
  • Regard customer complaints and claims as the first priority issues and contact AE OE Management for immediate judgment of the next actions.

  1. Others

The sales activities which may not categorized under the aforementioned assignments are also part of the responsibilities. The other sales responsibilities/assignments are (but not limited to):

  • Making weekly report to director/VP, AE OE Management;
  • Making meeting minutes within one working day after the customer/internal meetings;
  • Making monthly sales budget/results analysis;
  • Making necessary presentation materials for customer visits by getting timely approval from AE OE Management
  • Contacting relevant Aisin Seiki staff members via e-mails and phone;
  • Promotion/preparation of and participation in ISO/TS 16949 activities;
  • Making biannual sales/expense budgets;
  • Making biannual long-term sales plans;
  • Making monthly expense reports;
  • Attending international auto show as the exhibitor staff member for explanation to guests;
  • Planning and making regular business trips to customers as necessary;
  • Abiding by the expense budget set by AE OE Management;
  • Timely reporting to and consultation with AE OE Management; and
  • Biannual reflection of the sales activities and consultation with AE OE Management for better sales activities in the next half.


Specific knowledge/skills/experiences

  • Master’s degree
  • Min 3 years of experience of managing sales account in OEM automotive business is a must.
  • Experience with German car manufacturers is a plus.
  • Engineering background is a plus.
  • High standard of written and spoken English and fluent command in German are a must.
  • Outstanding project management skills
  • Ability to create good business relationships
  • Excellent communication skills at all level
  • Self-motivated and dead-line oriented
  • Team worker
  • Good negotiation skills with internal and external customers
  • Able to fulfill international business trips
  • Good level in MS Office




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