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  Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection
  AISIN SEIKI, CO., LTD Aftermarket Department (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") complies with the laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information of customers, business partners and Company employees obtained over the course of operations, and has voluntarily established rules and a framework for handling such information.
  1. The Company has established "Regulations on Personal Information Protection," and is working to disseminate these regulations to such Company employees as directors, general employees, part-time employees and temporary workers, as well as other related individuals.
  2. The Company will handle personal information in a lawful and fair manner when it is acquired directly and indirectly, as well as avoid acquiring information in a dishonest manner. Moreover, the Company will inform relevant individuals beforehand regarding the purposes for which their personal information will be used and inform how the Company will handle such individual information via its website and as indicated on pamphlets and similar materials.
  3. The Company will formulate suitable safety measures to prevent loss, destruction, tampering and leaking of personal information.
  4. The Company will not release personal information to third parties without obtaining the prior consent of the relevant individuals, except when deemed appropriate in certain matters or when legally obligated to do so.
  5. The Company will strive to meet the request of individuals regarding the release, confirmation, revision or cessation of use of their personal information within reasonable limits.
  6. The Company will deliberate on and enter into necessary contracts with relevant contractors as well as enact other legally necessary measures when outsourcing the handling of business-related personal information.
  Personal Information Handled by the Company
  Personal Information of Customers and Applicants

The Company sometimes acquires the personal information of customers during product purchases, questionnaires and campaigns, as well as during contact with the Company. The Company will use the personal information of customers for the following purposes :

  1. For use in guidance via mail, telephone conversations or e-mail regarding products and services handled by the Company, as well as for various events and campaigns.
  2. To distribute questionnaires by mail, telephone and e-mail for the purposes of product development, employment and improvement of customer satisfaction.
  3. In response to inquiries from customers.

To fulfill the purposes outlined above, there are times when the personal information of customers and applicants handled by the Company is outsourced to chosen contractors via a contract agreement to handle such information.

The Company will not provide the personal information of customers and applicants to third parties without the prior consent of the relevant individuals.



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Mondiale de l'Automobile 2016

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Aisin Group will be exhibiting in Paris at the 2016 edition of Mondiale de l'Automobile.


Visit us to discover current and future technologies of Aisin Group companies contributing to improving Fuel Efficiency, Safety and Comfort of vehicles.


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What you can see on our stand:

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