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Internationale Automobil-
Ausstellung in Frankfurt
17-27 Sept.
AISIN stand: 5.1 B16

Visit AISIN in Paris for
the "Mondial de

 Learn more about our
presence in Mondial 2016


From 13 to 17/09/2016


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The continued evolution of the automotive industry means more and more emphasis on functionality and performance and with it, computerized controls, leading to the development of more modules and systems for the automotive industry. Aisin continues to be there for the industry, innovating quickly and taking full advantage of its resources in drivetrain technology, brakes and chassis, engines, bodies and information. In the end, Aisin Seiki is able to advance the development of systems and modules without compromising a commitment to the environment through recycling.
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The Aisin Europe Aftermarket division is controling the distribution of car parts and related products in Europe, Africa, and Eastern countries.

Aftermarket main Products:

Drivetrain related products:
Clutch Set, Clutch Covers, Clutch Disk, Torque Master, Clutch Master Cylinder, Clutch Release Cylinder, Free Wheel Hub, Flywheel Damper.

Engine related products:
Water Pump, Oil Pump, Timing Chain Cover, Fan Blade, Fan Pulley Bracket, Fan Clutch, Hydraulic Belt Tensioner.

Brake related products:
Brake Master Cylinder, Brake Wheel Cylinder, Brake Booster.


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Based on the philosophy of “Quality First,” Toyota Sewing Machines provides sewing machines for global markets that are environmentally friendly and user friendly owing to their design parameters of “Usability” and “Aesthetic Beauty.”



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Residential cogeneration systems use the heat produced during electrical generation to heat water and living spaces to achieve more efficient energy use.
Two types of cogeneration systems for residential use are available: The fuel cell cogeneration system for residential use is equipped with SOFC (solid oxide fuel cells) for highly efficient power generation performance. The gas engine cogeneration system for residential use, designed for colder regions, makes efficient use of the heat produced by the power generating gas engine to heat living spaces.


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Mondiale de l'Automobile 2016

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Aisin Group will be exhibiting in Paris at the 2016 edition of Mondiale de l'Automobile.


Visit us to discover current and future technologies of Aisin Group companies contributing to improving Fuel Efficiency, Safety and Comfort of vehicles.


Environment Safety Comfort


What you can see on our stand:

Driving Assistance Systems
Hybrid Systems
Chassis Systems
Manual & Automatic Transmissions
Navigation Systems
Brake Products






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