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If you are a car manufacturing company and you would like to get in touch with a OEM parts sales representative in order to receive informations about our OEM products, click here. If you are looking for single parts, this link is not for you. Please see below.


If you are an automotive parts dealer and would like to get in touch with our AfterMarket sales team for informations about our After sales parts and products, click here and check the related contact page.

If you are searching for replacement parts or just need information on parts, the AfterMarket sales team will also be glad to inform you. click here and fill the contact page. 


For information about the Life and Energy products, including Sewing machines, click here and check the related website.


For general information about our company, click here.

Mondiale de l'Automobile 2016

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Aisin Group will be exhibiting in Paris at the 2016 edition of Mondiale de l'Automobile.


Visit us to discover current and future technologies of Aisin Group companies contributing to improving Fuel Efficiency, Safety and Comfort of vehicles.


Environment Safety Comfort


What you can see on our stand:

Driving Assistance Systems
Hybrid Systems
Chassis Systems
Manual & Automatic Transmissions
Navigation Systems
Brake Products






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